San Vicente de la Sonsierra is between the Cantabria sierra and Ebro river. This outstanding town is located around an incredible countryside full of history.

The town has a medieval fortress and the church named “Santa Maria La Mayor” which are located on the top of a hill which raises over the village. You can see along the walk up to the hill lovely houses and palaces with crests. You can also visit a Roman bridge that crosses over the Ebro river. These are probably the most importants monuments in the village.


San Vicente de la Sonsierra is also known thanks to “disciplinantes” o “picaos”. It is a unique religious tradition worldwide which it is celebrated in Easter, Thursday and good Friday, and also in May and September.

It is a great opportunity to know the customs and the enriching historical and real heritage of the area. There is no doubt San Vicente´s citizens represent the main tourist attraction.
Their spontaneous character and efficacy give a unique sign of identity to their beautiful streets which are around the Main Square, the busiest place in the town.

In the vicinity of the town 2km away of the area, are located the most important archaeological sites: “ Santa Maria de la Piscina” and “San Andres”, religious an civil buildings from the middle age, with beautiful chapels, necropolis and ghost towns.

It is also important to remark the “lagares”(it is a place where grapes are stepped, to queeze their juice) and “chozos” (it is a Stone house used by farmers or heperds) hidden between vineyards and “sonserranos” fields. These are a clear evidence of an ancient wine tradition. Neither the avant-garde winecellars, that, are so popular nowadays offering a smart and classy image of La Rioja landscape. You can also taste excellent wines internationally recognized.

It is also recommended to visit another villages around San Vicente de la Sonsierra such as “Ábalos, Briñas, Briones, Labastida, Haro, Elciego o Laguardia”, with beautiful old towns and countryside. Where you can be in touch with nature.

Furthermore in the southerm slopes of Sierra Cantabria. We can go hiking or just climbing up views of the town and go trekking along famous routes such as “the wine route” or the route guilt by a dolmen group of Rioja Alavesa- Sonsierra.

Finally, would like to remark that the town is well connected, only half an hour from San Vicente de la Sonsierra to Logroño or Vitoria- Gasteiz by car. The capitals of Autonomous Regions of La Rioja and Vask Country. An outstanding cultural ofer and services.

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