the house

IMG_1051 pano“Entresillares” has unique style from to this area. Their origins are from the early years of the XIX century. The building has a long story of different generation who setted in this house, all belonging to the same family. On the ground floor, they set up a grocery shop and haberdashery. The first owner was Faustina Fernández subsequenty replaced by her doughter Valeriana Martinez, great mother and grandmother of the current owner on the father´s side.the bussines was closed in 40s.

In 2012, It was fully refurbished, they built a farmyard cottage with an attractive stylish design, ideal to spend a nice time with your family and friends.

The building is located in old town of San Vicente de la Sonsierra, It is one of the most outstanding villages in La Rioja. It offers a wide offer of things to enjoy an unforgettable staying to discover the nobility and medieval golden age of the village and surroundings. You can walk along its countryside full of chapels, “lagares” (it is a place where grapes are stepped, to squeeze their juice) and “chozos” (it is a Stone house used by farmers or sheperds) and state of the art winecellders or enjoying typical local food as their famous wines.

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